What are Transitions?

With each change that occurs in our lives, we go through a period of transition, which can be challenging or at times painful. Here at The Child and Family Connection we recognize the importance of the change process, and are here to guide you and your child through the emotions and experiences.

According to Kate Berardo (2012) there are "5 R's of Culture Change":


  • Routines: Even during a time of transition, keeping a routine can be fundamental to reducing stress. For children this can be sticking to a bedtime ritual or for adults keeping continuity in daily habits such as exercise. 
  • Reactions: Reactions to a new environment, culture or language may impact one's self-esteem, confidence and social skills. Planning, educating yourself and talking openly about the new environment can help you better manage this transition. 
  • Roles: When taking on a new role such as single parent or new sibling, there can be a grief period. Thinking about the change of your role ahead of time within the framework of a "new you" can help reduce the anxiety and stress related to this transition. 
  • Relationships: Healthy relationships, parent to parent, parent to child, or sibling to sibling can cause healthy stress. In times of transition, healthy stress may turn to unhealthy or negative stress. Communicating openly, feeling safe and secure, and building rapport within a relationship can reduce or avoid negative stress. 
  • Reflections: When in a transition, reflective thinking may seem unimportant, however the ability to reflect on any situation and evaluate positive and negative outcomes can help improve individual reaction in the future. Knowing transitions are stressful, reflections can create a healthy pathway for future transitions.

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