Anxiety Disorders

How to spot Anxiety Disorders

Anxiety disorders in youth are some of the most prominent mental health concerns. Anxiety can present itself in many ways. It may show up as poor performance in school, oppositional behavior (i.e., avoidance or refusal) or difficulties with peer relationships.

Anxiety can be around a specific event or social situation, separation from a parent, or can be around a number of domains as is the case of Generalized Anxiety Disorder. Anxiety can also co-occur with other disorders or present as another symptom (e.g. headaches). If left untreated, anxiety tends to become worse, as the child learns that avoidance can work in the short term.

Our skilled clinicians will use evidence-based therapy to identify your child's anxiety causing triggers within a safe space and in incremental steps until your child becomes accustomed to each of these triggers and the anxiety fades.

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